New Products

At DM Borekas we're always looking for tasty new treats to add to our growing selection.  We continually strives to increase our vast selection of fresh canapes and hot hors-d'oeuvres. Our kitchens are busy with chefs creating new and innovative ways to keep your clients pleasantly surprised.

Goat cheese and beet pockets

48 pcs / box
Code 0150

Thyme and ricotta fritters

48 pcs / box
Code 6377

Moist falafel – heat and serve

48 pcs / box
Code 6378


64 pcs / box
Code C014

Smoked salmon rosettes

64 pcs / box
Code C015


60 pcs / box
Code C011

Please take note that any Gluten Free products are not “certified” gluten free.

Open to ideas

What new products would you like to see?

We are constantly getting inspired by the new trends popping up on the market. But our greatest inspirations over the years have come from our clients’ needs and ideas. If there is any product you’d like to see us develop, we would love to hear from you.

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