Other Appetizers

At D.M. Borekas you will find a selection of appetizers that fit any theme you may choose.

Crispy Breaded

  • Arancini - Risotto balls with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese (48 pcs/box)
  • Quinoa & cranberry fritters (48 pcs/box)
  • Thai crab cakes (48 pcs/box)
  • Artichoke hearts crusted with paremsan cheese (48 pcs/box)

Bacon Rolls

  • Scallops wrapped with bacon (36 pcs/box)
  • Cocktail Sausages wrapped with bacon (36 pcs/box)
  • Dates wrapped with bacon (36 pcs/box)

Unique Satees

(mini skewers)

  • Beef Teriaki with red and green peppers (36 pcs/box)
  • Curry coconut chicken with dried dates (36 pcs/box)
  • Mediterranean chicken with apricots 
    (36 pcs/box)
  • Chicken Sate 28g each 
    (36 pcs/box)
  • Lamb kefte with pine nuts 
    (36 pcs/box)

Flat Bread Delights

(Heat and Serve)

  • Goat cheese mousse with herb de Provence, topped with dried figs in balsamic reduction (48 pcs/box)
  • Blue cheese mousse with Worcestershire sauce, topped with sautéed Portobello mushrooms and fresh rosemary (48 pcs/box)

Mini Won Tons

  • Beef (60 pcs/box)
  • Chicken (60 pcs/box)
  • Crab & cream cheese (60 pcs/box)
  • Pork (60 pcs/box)
  • Shrimp (60 pcs/box)
  • Vegetarian (60 pcs/box)

Exquisite Frozen Canpes

Assorted elegant frozen canapés on delicate pumpernickel bread (60 pcs/box)

  • Ham and cheese pinwheels with pineapple
  • All beef salami cones with cream cheese
  • Norwegian Salmon mousse topped with a smoked salmon slice
  • Liver pate flower decorated with black olive
  • Creamy basil pesto flowers
  • Light egg mousse flowers with caper