New Products

At DM Borekas we're always looking for tasty new treats to add to our growing selection.  We continually strives to increase our vast selection of fresh canapes and hot hors-d'oeuvres. Our kitchens are busy with chefs creating new and innovative ways to keep your clients pleasantly surprised.

Mini sliders - mini burgers with home made buns

Angus burger with Swiss cheese and caramelized onions

Carolina style pulled pork

Roasted veggies, goat cheese and pesto


Stuffed veggies – breaded and ready to fry

Moussaka (eggplant, beef and béchamel sauce)

Cherry tomato with crab salad

Mushrooms with spinach and cheese

Artichoke with goat cheese


Mac & cheese fritters

Macaroni and cheddar cheese

Macaroni and blue cheese


Arancini–rice balls

Arancini with duck confit

Arancini with mushrooms and parmesan

Arancini with mozzarella center


Mini Shepherd’s pie

Flaky pie shell, filled with a beef, corn, peas & carrots medley, topped with decorative mashed potatoes


Mini Filo hors-d’oeuvres – New shapes

Sundried tomato and feta turnovers

Mushroom bundles

Seafood rolls